Booth Portal Continuum

site specific sound installation
AV Club exhibit
Victory Hall
Jersey City, NJ
- October 2004




program notes:

With Booth Portal Continuum, I explore the trajectory of spritual energy which at least partially informs the Victory Hall Building. My continued interest in site specific work, initially lead me to explore the history of the building which turned up some interesting results.

It seems that the Our Lady of Czestochova organization which owns Victory Hall descends from the Order of St. Paul which was founded in Eastern Europe during the first half of the thirteenth century. The original members of the order were ascetic hermit monks, who lived in caves. Now that's something I can related to!

These isolationist meditative practices and spriituality in general have been constant elements in my creative practices throughout the years. I've never made work about it, though. I think that it's safe to say that I'm spiritual but not religious...and am actually very critical of the Catholic Church as a historic player , especially regarding its role in genocide and its horrible treatment of children. But this piece recalls a moment where spirituality was an important force in the early days of the Christian movement, when it still existed as a somewhat counter cultural, cult-like organization.

For this piece, recordings of period music, mainly gregorian chants, were fed into my laptop and improvisationally altered with randomization algorithms which I wrote in the MAX/ MSP programming environment, additional real-time processing was acheived with GRM Tools. I created four separate improvised soundscapes which will randomly shuffle from inside the booth throughout the exhibition.