HOT BUSH (2000)

(running time 3 :05)

HOT BUSH is an exploration of the dialectical interaction between sexuality and power, and its effects on the public's perception of political leaders.

Utilizing appropriated footage and sounds of George W. Bush, as well as samples from a porn movie soundtrack, I attempt to acheive the almost impossible task of eroticising this not-so-sexy public figure. Part of my strategy is the use of subliminal text which also functions as a commentary on Bush's own well documented use of subliminal messages in his TV adds.

In the wake of the Clinton sex scandal, which revealed the public's and media's obsessive voyeurism, we have reached a unique historic moment: If the Reagan legacy influenced a permanent rightward shift in public discourse , then the Clinton legacy will permanently frame the public perception of political figures in terms of their sexuality whether we like it or not.

HOT BUSH was originally created for PEEP SHOW 28, an exhibit of video art for peep booths organized by NO LIVE GIRLS, a NY based group of curators. PEEP SHOW 28 was exhibited at The Lusty Lady in Seattle and San Francisco during the early part of 2002.

NO Live Girls/ Peep Show 28 Website
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No Live Girls Fundraiser-Galapagos/ Brooklyn, NY-January 2001
San Francisco Art Institute-February 2002
The Lusty Lady/ Seattle & San Francisco-February 2002
Industry Gallery/ Wroclaw, Poland-May 2002
Institute of Contemporary Art/ Prague, Czech Rep.-May 2002
Fledda/ Brno, Czech Rep.- May 2002
Lance Fung Gallery, NY.- October 2002
D.U.M.B.O. Film and Video Festival/ Brooklyn, NY-October 2002
Breaking News-Judson Church/ NY-October 2003