The Memory Project
a series of video paintings created between 2007-2009


The Memory Project v.1 (2007)
10" digital frame
The Memory Project v.2 (2007)
10" digital frame
The Memory Project v.3 (2009)
10" digital frame
The Memory Project v.4 (2009)
limited edition dvd
The Memory Project -installation view (2009)
Rutgers Univeristy/ MGSA Gallery

Uncertainty and ephemerality are central ideas in my Memory Project
series of video paintings. In this group of works, the viewer is steered
into an exploration of the process of memory; mainly, how it is constructed
and reconstructed transformatively, as a discontinuity.

In 2007, I began this series as a means of examining the
fragmented and ephemeral properties of memory.
Utilizing the presence of the digital photo frame as a
popularly held container of memories, these pieces function as
a silent refelection on the fluid and inexact
cognition of past experience.

Bootlegged super 8 footage of rock concerts are utilized as the raw material
in these abstract, transformative manipulations. The pure experiential subjectivity
of these less than perfect documentations of contrived spectacle lend themselves well
to the conception of memory as a succession of ephemeral moments, that can
always be revisited, yet never duplicated.




Solo Exhibit Hogar Collection, Brooklyn, NY
Solo Exhibit Rutgers/ MGSA Gallery, New Brunswick, NJ
Heavy Duty, La Zona Red Hook, New York, NY
Heavy Duty, Fondation Argentine Cité Internationale Universitaire à Paris, France
Heavy Duty, Forja Arte Contemporáneo - Espacio de Gestión y Creación de Arte 2008
Sneak Peak, The Hogar Collection, Brooklyn, NY. Dec-Jan
Williamsburg Window- Rupert Ravens Contemprary, Newark, NJ. Oct.-Jan.


Bridge Art Fai, Catalina Hotel. Miami, Fl. December.
This Is That- media object. Pace University Galleries, NYC. Sept-Dec.
The Great Unknown, Hogar Collection, Brooklyn, NY. June.