Van Vorst Park Soundwalk
Damian Catera (2008)

A Performative Installation in the Public Domain
Presented by the Jersey City Museum
Sat. Sun. Ocotber 4, 5, 2008 12-5pm
Transmission Architecture through

The Van Vorst Park Soundwalk is an interactive sound art piece which simultaneously uses the park as a musical score and instrument.
The public is invited to experience the piece through portable headset radios as they walk through a loosely defined route within the park.

The piece operates with three limited-range low power fm transmitters which are situated along the route. Each transmitter is playing a component of the sound composition which is broadcast on a single frequency. As listeners move through the park, with their radios tuned to the project frequency, the piece shifts and transitions between the separate components. In this enhanced environment, the listener becomes an active and crucial participant in the realization of the piece.

This work functions as an acoustic remapping of the park and its temporal, spatial, architectural, natural and historic elements. Each of the three components consists of sounds falling into a discrete category. The first component consists of a real-time soundscape composed with sounds gathered from microphones hidden throughout the park. The second component is a group of music pieces based on "scores" that are derived from the park's natural and architectural elements. The third component is based on historic and contemporary texts relating to the park.

The Soundwalk is a multidisciplinary performance/ installation project which addresses issues within experimental music, contemporary arts and beyond; including the musicality of everyday sounds, the blurring of public/ private boundaries through surveillance, synesthesia and the engagement, formulation and negotiation of public space.

Transmission Architecture Provided by Free103point9 Transmission Arts
Funding Provided by the New Jersey Arts Council Fellowship Program

Composed / Conducted/ Programmed by Damian Catera

Ben Fishelman
Jennifer Landers
Nicole Matthias
Efrem Oshinsky

Michael Lopez

Guitar, Keyboard, Algorithmic Processing:
Damian Catera

Special Thanks To:

Jersey City Museum-Rocio Aranda
free103point9-Tom Roe, Galen Joseph hunter
Marc Wesson
Rutgers University-Mason Gross School of the Arts-Visual Arts Department

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